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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Technical Tuesday will be on Thursdays ;)

So I'm quite busy these days, who says stay at home moms do nothing? I co-lead our daughter's GS troop, deal with ADHD/mood disorder in our 4 year old, cook, clean and crochet.

We had a really hard month in October, with 2 ER visits, a 3 day hospital stay, a postponed wedding, a cancelled reception, mandatory time off, a wedding, a broken van, a truck that needed extra repairs to pass inspection and more.

I also created a logo for fun, it's simple and stylistic, but I like it:

I also had my first REAL order from a non-family member! I put it in the mail yesterday and am hoping she likes it ;) A school chum, but still she purchased 2 hats and a headband(and got one free since I didn't particularly care for the way the one she ordered turned out). 

I worked up the headband on my own taking pieces of other free patterns I found on the web after the original pattern turned out being completely incomprehensible to me. It was a combination of UK terminology and implied rows that weren't written out.

So needless to say, I won't be posting this week. Or maybe I will. But it'll be Thanksgiving and I am hosting, so I just might not get around to it.

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