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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Technical Thursday: Hearts on Parade

Good morning hookers!

I'm making the effort to get back on track this week. We are having a crazy week yet again here at Creekside. The IRS paid our tax return to a state that claimed we owed back child support for a child that was adopted by her stepfather last spring, charging us over a thousand dollars a month for each month AFTER the adoption was completed. (No good deed goes unpunished- it was initiated by the child's mother for legal reasons). So my camera is on hold for now :/

And my hot water pipe is frozen, it's only -13 outside.

So anyways, I'm in the mood for a little something cheery and thought I'd do a free heart pattern roundup. I've made some of these, but not all, and just figured I'd put some together to lift my spirits.

1. My favorite doily- The Hearts Desire Doily- pattern available here by Red Heart/Coats and Clark. I went a little insane last year with them, because they're so quick and easy.

2. My favorite stand alone square, pattern by SmoothFox on Ravelry here
I made this quick little apron for a swap I was in last year. 

3. A most adorable heart rose applique is available here, written by Mia's Heartfelt Hands on ravelry. 

4. Need something quick and easy to make for a child? Try this most cute heart coin purse, pattern by I'm hooked 25 and found on their blog here

5. Coffee cozy with a heart applique? Cute and functional- find it here on the This ninja creates blog. 

6. A heart shaped picture frame? Love it! I had a dreamcatcher in a heavily starched one of these as I was growing up, I LOVED it! Pattern is by Helen Free and available here in both UK and US terms ;) 

7. I can't forget about the Danish Heart that keeps appearing in my newsfeed- it's adorable, and available here, written by the talented Alipyper

8. ADORABLE baby legwarmers(and really, what's cuter than a baby wearing legwarmers?) from Dearest Debi's blog here

9. Sachets never go out of style- There's a quick one at Red Heart here

10. A scarf you say? Okay- how fun is this one? Available here , written by Alice Merlino

11. Need a kid sized bag so they can carry their valentines around? Try this one here , written by Andee Graves and published on Red Heart's website. 

12. And last, but not least, we need a small basket of some sort- so give this Petal to Picot's pattern a try here

An even dozen seems like a good number to me, should keep you busy for at least a little while. 

Love, live and laugh my hooker friends, and have a Happy Valentine's Day :) 

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