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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Technical Thursday: 3 quick sizing reference links

Ack! Sorry, I'm late, I'm late! For a very important date(with my bathtub and a new bottle of bubble bath, lol)

So yesterday, my computer died a painful death by Vulcan. *Insert geeky fist pump here* Just as the storm rolled in I realized I would not be able to rescue it, or my pictures I had saved for future tuts. Not right now anyways.

And today, I got the best package EVER in the mail.

So I gave the point and shoot to the girl child- it made her extremely happy

And then I was blinded by the snow glare. But it's supposed to be 50 here tommorrow and hopefully it'll go away. I'm working on a shawl with some unforgettable I picked up during the last work run. I tried to put my new microwave stand together only to realize one of the panels has a gouge in it, so I've got to wait for a replacement.  I've sold a bunch of stuff this week too, so needless to say, it's been crazy busy week, and especially day, here at Creekside.

So here's a few links to some of my favorite sizing charts. 

Almost everyone has been to Bev's- a quick link is HERE

Going to do the measuring yourself? HERE is a how-to measure guide 

HERE is a handy guide on sizing blankets

Okay hookers, that's about it today, very short and sweet. I don't want to lose my bubbles, and since I am starting from scratch, I just wanted to give ya'll something useful in the meantime. ;) 

Happy Hookin ya'll! 

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