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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Technical Tuesday - Liquid Stitch Cheat

Today we cover a handy product that very few people actually think about~ Liquid Stitch.

I admit, I do enjoy working with Caron's Simply soft yarn, regardless of poor customer service and the frequent snarls found inside. But that softness comes at a price- the ends will slip and slide every which way and go anywhere but where you put them.

In my example, I had lots of ends to deal with. Even though I crocheted over them as I go, they still poked out and made my finished product look fairly poor in construction.

So I went and purchased a tube of liquid stitch(normal type) for cheaper than the cost of 1 skein of yarn. Gently inserting the tip of the tube into my stitches, I put a bead around each end of yarn, snipped off the ends of yarn and gently tapped the glue to make sure it spread out and "sealed" the end.

24 hours of dry time later, and I had a cute, non frizzy blanket.

Yes, there is glue there. As it was the first time using it, I erred on the side of too much, and so there is a small noticable area where I used it. As I practice, I'm sure I'll get the amount down better.

As a bonus- are you making slippers or something that could use some traction? Liquid stitch is machine washable, so it dries into a clear, rubbery feeling surface, much like the traction dots found on the bottom of slipper socks. It can easily be used to apply a pattern of dots to the bottom of any crafted item for friction.

And no, I'm not being paid by the manufacturer's(although if they cared to give me free product, I wouldn't object LOL). I just truly love the product.

And that, boys and girls, concludes our first Technical Tuesday. Have a great week and happy hooking!

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