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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Technical Tuesday: These hooks ain't for crocheting

Here's hoping I can get back in the groove and on time with stuff ;)

Today's technical Tuesday deals with our most revered tool- the crochet hook. They come in aluminum, acrylic, bamboo, wood. Plain, or wrapped in fimo, sometimes with pencil grips, they are the most important tool we have. You can gnaw through yarn if you can't find your scissors, but without the hook, you're sunk.

So here's a list of suggested household uses for a crochet hook, and they have nothing to do with crochet ;)

  • Clean your ears and ensure that  your hook is well waxed ;) 
  • Tie a drawstring that has fallen out of a waistband around it and then use it to pull it back through
  • Great for clogs in a drain
  • Back scratcher extraordinaire 
  • Undoing a super knot? A hook can help
  • Highlight your hair
  • Unstick things in small electronics(though aluminum might mess with the electronic components) 
  • Open the foil/paper seal on small bottles 
  • A hair accessory- like chopsticks 
  • To fetch something from a small hole
  • Wrap a thin dishcloth over the top and use it to clean small crevices in sippy cups or bottles
  • Need an extra 4-6 inches of reach? Use your hook to avoid stretching
  • Fix snags 
  • A broken zipper may be zipped or unzipped with a small hook. 
  • Close a difficult button/hole
  • Do your curtains stick on your curtain rod? Use a hook to loosen the snag on the inside
  • Aerate the soil on your houseplants
  • Gently remove the ornaments you can't reach on your holiday tree

And there are tons of other fun uses that have nothing to do with crocheting :) I'm a proud hooker and I love the tools of my trade but that doesn't stop me from having fun with it too.

Happy Halloween!

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