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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Free Pattern: Granny's Favorite Reversible Stocking ;)

Granny's Favorite Stocking (Reversible!)

I hook(9/5.5mm)
1 skein worsted weight

  • Red
  • Green
  • Mistletoe
Small amount of white yarn
Red and Green Material for lining(optional but highly recommended)
Sewing Needle
Sewing Thread

Make 22 in Mistletoe, 11 in Green, and 11 in Red

Ch 3, join into circle.
Ch 2(Counts as first DC) and DC 3 more times into circle(4 DC)
Ch 3, then 4 DC into circle- repeat until you have 4 ch 3 spaces and 4 groups of 4 DC
Join into top of Ch 2. Ch 1, SC in same st. SC in next two stitches, and 5 sc in ch 3 space. 3 SC in next 3, then 5 sc in next ch 3 space. Repeat around. Join, finish off, weaving ends as you go.

Once you have all 44 squares, whipstitch together as shown in the picture. Use red and mistletoe on one side, and green and mistletoe on the other with 2 rows of 5 and 4 rows of 3. Using the opposite solid color(red on the green/mistletoe side, green on the red/mistletoe)I did seven stitches on each side of the squares, leaving one on each corner. If you need to have your yarn travel, do it on the wrong sides, as this becomes the interior. Make sure that one side has the toe on the right, and the other has the toe box on the left. Once your squares are assembled, using the same color yarn you used to attach them, sc around. 7 SC on the outer side of each square, 3 sc in each corner space. Ch 1 for each spot where the two corners meet and skip those two corners, and 7 sc in next square. Then, wrong sides together, and using mistletoe, SC through both sides together.

Make the cuff by SC in each stitch around the top, for 5-10 rows(Using worsted weight, do 10, using super bulky, do 5). Finish off and fold it down. Line with material as desired. Don't forget to securely attach a loop at the top above the heel for hanging.


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