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Sunday, January 6, 2013


I think I'm sufficiently recovered from the flood of holidays and birthdays that come our way during the last 6 weeks of the year. (3 holidays and 4, yes, 4! birthdays in our family between mid November and the end of the year).

So I'll be back soon. I've been cheating on my hooks, and doing other crafty things. I'm currently waiting on a big box o' fun (fur!) from Herrschner's, and I'll be working on some fun stuff when that arrives. It's complicated, but a short version could be that serendipity decided to intervene after my mother in law played with my daughter's Furby all of Christmas Day, and I was gifted a free pattern to match, and she's been known to complain about my crocheting, so guess what she's getting for her birthday in a couple weeks? *Insert evil gigglesnort here* I think I'll make her a hat and put the actual creature in the hat so it's doubly crazy.

I've been spending a lot of time down at the bus stop, and I'm thinking I need a big ole cowl that I can wear as a hood AND twist over my face for a ski mask or veil effect. I also need to make my son the tow truck hat (cough*mater* cough cough) because he now accompanies us seeing as Daddy finally found another job and has started back on the road. Not so good for my Valentine's day options, but way healthier on the budget and definitely a winner in the "OMG Get out of my house for 20 freaking minutes!" department(I love him. But we've literally been at each other's side for two months. Even retirees go play golf for 4+ hours at a time!) Alrighty, that seems like enough of a welcome back ramble.

Keep on Hookin'!  Happy 2013~

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